About Me....

Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality that’s what I believe. One hundred years from now It will not matter what kind of Cars I drove... what kind of houses I lived in, how much money I had in my bank accounts, nor what my cloths looked like, but the world maybe a little better because I was important in many people’s life because I did many things which helped many of my fellow lives and I did it with principles and values which left behind my footprints forever. This may not be as big as a legacy but I know I did it with significance, I know that I changed many lives positively; I know that, I extended many lives a day or two, which is unparalleled and incomparable. And the best thing happened to me is that, I recognized that I am a leader and then on wards I helped many to re-design their dreams and destinations successfully.
Where I am today is because of the wonderful people I met, the books I have read, the tapes, CDs and videos I have gone thru, the meetings and training I have attended, and the kindness of nature all around , and the toughest lessons which the life has presented on day to day. I sincerely thank all those who positively influenced me in this journey from the bottom of my heart.
For me, business is not moving products or services; it is relationship which really matters in life. Business happens automatically when love, care, feelings and concerns shared each other.
I invite you to partner with me for a long and fruitful relationship.
Your friend and partner in success forever
Anil menon
+1 604 499 6758