Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bless and Be Blessed !


Did you blessed anybody today ???

Then how you are expecting you will be blessed today ??

Understand the Philosophy behind the Blessing.

Think on it, and if you agree with that START BLESSING OTHERS.


If you think something- Whatever it may

That is Wave. Because when you think, Energy is utilized and changes its form.

(You cannot nil the energy- only you can do is changing the form of the energy)

The wave – which got a special frequency – and carries a message.

Every Wave got five levels before change the form of energy.

Collision-Reflection-Refraction-Penetration & Interaction.

The Goodness in between you and your loved one – is the Energy of the Wave which passes each other

Both of you each other send Waves with a Frequency which carries the Energy which

Collide-reflect-refract-penetrate and Interact.

That is as simple as called LOVE.

Lean back to your chair and think on this. Yes you will get the answer.

This is LOVE.

Love, Wellbeing, Happiness all are waves with same frequency.

BLESSING got same frequency which keeps the goodness and love in between the Living

and  Non living things in this world.

Negative thoughts, Cursing and Hate send out waves with Negative Frequency

It reaches to others whom you wish- it collide with Negative Frequency waves which they have

It penetrates in to them and Interact with them. Gain more energy (which is having negative frequency) and reflect and refract back to where it has send or created. If it originates from you, the ripple effect of The continues waves create Diseases, Stress, Suicidal Tendency, Premature aging etc in you.

The Nature sends Blessing waves to you every time.

You must think, understand this philosophy and start seeing those waves which penetrate inside you and interact with your own positive thoughts

Or with the Goodness waves in you which creates Love, Happiness and Wellness in you.

So once you understand this, you must start sending BLESSINGS to all around you.

Love Blessing, Care Blessing, Smile Blessing, Recognition Blessing, Appreciation Blessing or whatever

Form of Blessing you can send out to others and Nature around you.

Let it come back with ripple effect to you and make you more lovable, happier and more well being.



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